Catching those little moments, those memories in your photos is easier than ever now that we have our phones with us 24/7

But how do you make sure that you get good shots and still have fun?

How do you avoid the eye rolls and the bribes for ‘just one shot where we are all looking like we like each other!’

Here are our top tips to take great photos using just your phone –

  • Don’t force a pose or smile, if you see your kid/s doing something sweet, catch it quietly and candidly, in the moment – as soon as you ask them to smile, they will either stiffen up or turn away! Once you have a few good shots, then you can ask for the smile.
  • If you really need that posed ‘looking to camera with a smile’ shot (family calendar, Christmas card etc) then make sure you are all set up and ready before you ask your children to sit/stand – take test shots, check your background, light… then get the kids and pets in!
  • If you want some shots of them just playing together naturally, find an area of the house that has great light, set up some toys there and have them play by themselves for a bit before you swoop in for those ‘candid’ shots. Then position  yourself between them and the window so they are lit nicely.
  • Get down to their level, lie on the floor or crouch down next to them. Same works for pets. Shots from above work well too, especially if you are photographing close up.
  • Zoom in on the details, those eyelashes, the little fingers playing with their toys…
  • Finding the best light can feel tricky if you don’t know what to look for! If you are indoors a big south facing window is ideal but any window will work – make sure your subject is facing the window and you have your back to it. If you are outdoors find open shade if it is a sunny day. Or face where you think the sun is, if it is overcast.
  • Once you have found that nice light set up your phone on a tripod so you are hands free – use the timer and get in the shot yourself!
  • Keep snacks on hand!
  • But most of all, keep it light-hearted and fun, tell a silly joke, make a face! Dance if you have to!



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